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As always, our top priority is the well-being of our employees and the communities we serve, including YOU, our current and prospective job candidates. Here’s what has changed- and what hasn’t- about recruiting at The Motley Fool during this COVID-19 outbreak.

We are continuing to hire globally for our open positions. Yep- the proverbial light is on and we are still reading stacks of resumes every day. Our process has adapted- not quite the “glow up” we were hoping for- but we’re enjoying the challenge. All of our recruiting and onboarding processes are fully virtual. All candidate interviews will take place via phone or Zoom, and we’ve gotten pretty good at onboarding our New Fools remotely, too. If we have the pleasure of meeting you on Zoom, please pardon the puppy on our lap or the occasional toddler introducing themselves on camera. They’re part of our Fool family, and they’re a little unpredictable. And don’t worry- we know your home might be a little fuller than usual, too. The extra noise and cameo appearances don’t phase us at all. We’re looking forward to meeting you, virtually!

The Fool is a Built In Colorado Best Place to Work

The Fool is an Inc Best Place to Work


The Motley Fool was founded over a quarter of a century ago when brothers David and Tom Gardner decided to start a company with a mission to help the world. While our name may seem a bit silly, it derives from Shakespeare’s play As You Like It where only the court jester – the motley fool – could tell the King the truth without losing his head. Because of this, we lovingly call our fellow employees Fools (with a capital “F!”).

And to this day, Fools strive to search for the truth in all we do. We advocate for and empower the individual investor, because we believe the best person to make your financial decisions is you. Our global brand continues to help others through our websites, podcasts, books, newspaper columns, television appearances, subscription newsletter services, and other investment product. And we’re just getting started.


Our organization’s purpose is to make the world smarter, happier, and richer.

And to accomplish all that we want to do, we stay flexible and work on anything from short-term projects to long-term initiatives. Instead of focusing on building an organizational hierarchy and limiting our teams to predetermined groups, we encourage employees to collaborate across the business and think of creative solutions for unique challenges. We don’t let time zones keep us from doing incredible work together – we have locations in the UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, and Japan after all!

If you want to spend your career making the world a better place and helping others, The Motley Fool may be the place for you.


The Motley Fool is an incredible place to work, and we can prove it!

With flexible work schedules, free healthy foods, no vacation policy, and highly intelligent team members, we provide one of the best “professional” environments you’ll find anywhere. Business is thriving and evolving, so there are new, exciting challenges all the time. To help Fools succeed in tackling these challenges, we have a team dedicated to making sure each Fool has what they need to do their best work.

Want to stand at your desk rather than sit? Eager to work in a quiet space for the day? Enjoy the sounds of arcade games as you work?

Whatever the case, we have a solution for you. Our co-founders wanted to break norms in the financial world from Day 1, and we want to continue that tradition, so we adapt our perks and benefits to support our evergrowing workforce.


Fool employees have the freedom to follow their passions and do what they love to do, because we believe there are no limitations to someone’s growth. Our technology-based company is rapidly advancing, and it’s important to us that our employees evolve as progressively in their roles and careers. Successful Fools adapt quickly, welcome change with open arms, and are willing to jump headfirst into projects. We become better Fools when we take different approaches and innovate beyond the norm.

Fools support each other, live out our purpose, and work hard for our members. If you’re looking to make the world smarter, happier, and richer, you are in the right place! Check out our current openings and read more about our teams to find out more.