Inside Tech

What We Do

Using technology to support our products and each other.

The Motley Fool's highly valued Tech team thrives on solving problems and building products by:

  • Designing thoughtful user experiences.
  • Building robust infrastructure and database backends.
  • Writing, testing and deploying code in a collaborative, fun environment.
We enjoy the technical and creative challenges of developing websites, publishing systems, and data-driven applications with the clear purpose of helping our members invest better. We achieve great success when we collaborate with our remarkable coworkers — so if you’re a developer, operations engineer, user-experience designer, or database administrator who enjoys working on small, fast-moving teams with passionate problem solvers, The Motley Fool may be the place for you!

How We Do It

Staying agile and choosing the right tools.

Most of our projects are split between Python/Django, C#, and PHP/WordPress. For our database needs we rely on Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres and a range of other technologies, used sparingly. We believe in being agile and adapting to the changing needs of our business, so we are not tied to any one particular stack or platform. We double-down on solutions and frameworks that work and attempt to use the right tools for the job, for practical rather than fashionable reasons. We strongly advocate for autonomy, transparency, intellectual diversity and healthy discourse. Whether you’re fresh out of college or a tenured senior member of the team, your opinions and ideas will be heard. If you identify a problem, a better solution, or a new technology you think we should be using, bring it on!

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