Inside Membership

The Motley Fool believes in a long-term outlook to help people build wealth over time. Uncovering awesome companies to recommend to our members is our passion, and we’ve had A LOT of success. We’ve found dozens and dozens of companies that have doubled, tripled or more in value, plus we’re finding new winners every day. Through a variety of paid subscription services and free resources, we work tirelessly on behalf of our hundreds of thousands of members to help everyone invest better.

Member Experience

Maintaining Life-Long Foolish Relationships

Member Experience Fools work with teams across the business to uncover the best ways to serve our members. These Fools may not be on the phone lines, but they're just as passionate about supporting our customers.

Member Services

If there’s something weird and it don’t look good, who you gonna call…

Unlike a typical (read: boring) call center, our Member Services department is full of color, cheer, and Foolish support. Serving on the front lines to deliver world-class support, these Fools offer assistance via phone and e-mail on issues ranging from password resets to asset allocation questions. Interest in personal finance and investing coupled with a spoonful of empathy is the key to connecting with our members.