We believe that the person best positioned to take care of your financial future is you – but of course we’re here to help along the way. The Fool staffs over 20 full-time analysts who are masters in all financial areas, from value investing and dividend stocks to more difficult strategies like options trading. Our newsletter services provide advice that customers can act upon in their personal trading accounts.


Here at the Fool, analysts are rarely hired into senior positions from the get-go. In most cases, we’d rather scout talent and cultivate these individuals into the best Foolish investors. The Analyst Development Program is an opportunity for interested investors and analysts to apply for a full-time spot at the Fool. Anywhere from 8-10 individuals are accepted into this one-year program, which is instructed by senior Fool analysts.

These instructors follow a thoughtful Foolish investing syllabus, bringing together thinkers from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise to have thought provoking discussions in a structured environment.Past courses have included Developing Mastery – You and Management; International: Translating TMF Overseas; Foolish Portfolio Management; Forecasting Revenue and Potential Business Outcomes; and Growth Investing Foolishly. The ADP program involves frequent student-to-student presentations, as well as instructor-to-student feedback.

After successfully passing the curriculum, ADP’ers are offered full-time positions at the Fool. If you’re interested in our Analyst Development Program, please keep an eye out on our Culture Blog insert link and Twitter feed (@FoolCulture link) for more information. In the meantime, brush up on your investing knowledge below with some reading suggestions from our Analyst Development Program Fools.