The Business Intelligence (or BI) team is passionate about all things data and numbers as they drive information and actionable feedback through all facets of the business.

One BI Fool’s title is even “Data Diva!” The team helps the entire company make informed decisions and solve problems by diving into analyses through segmentation and targeting, listening and providing feedback, and sharing what they’ve learned through relevant and personalized communications. Every corner of the business is data-driven, so the work of Business Intelligence is incredibly valued.

Our BI Fools gather member-centric metrics from our free and paid content sites by implementing different methods of data collection such as data warehousing technologies, reporting and analysis tools, and web analytic strategies. Using these tools, our BI Fools are able to analyze and better understand our entire business while they collaborate closely with the Marketing Team to understand member trends. Their interpretations reveal meaningful insights that help us better understand our members’ needs and wants.

The BI team’s work can tell us if we’re on the right path of making the world happier, smarter, and richer in a concrete way!