In the media


“The Motley Fool has learned that giving staffers free rein over their schedules helps improve their productivity.”

“The company decided to hire a full-time health specialist to get their staff moving. Motley Fool executives knew it was a win-win idea.”

“The Motley Fool, a multimedia financial services company, is a role model in the wellness category.”

“Tapping into the diversity of things the staff loves for five or 10 minutes at a time bonds employees and enhances overall productivity.”

“Unlimited vacation time doesn’t mean workers can spend most of the year at the beach.”

“Working at Motley Fool is more fun than you might expect, and much of that has to do with its wellness program.”

“The Motley Fool doesn’t block access to video streams and sets up TVs around the office where folks can gather to watch the March Madness action.”

“David Gardner has built a collection of 676 games and organizes game nights with coworkers at the office.”